Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A letter from the God!!!

It is not usual for me to go to vegetable market, but that was a different day for me. Mom asked me to bring some fruits and two or three vegetables from the market while returning to home. I didn’t like that work but it was raining outside, and I couldn’t say no. While returning home, I stopped by to buy the listed items. I was standing nearby one vegetable vendor who was selling vegetables on the footpath. Suddenly, the rain started falling heavily. He didn't have any roof on him. I stretched my hands back to cover head with a hat of raincoat, but something I heard that halted my action for a second. “What will happen to the people who don’t have a piece of plastic to cover their children from rain? God help them.” His wife ran with some plastic piece to protect her child from rain who was suffering from fever. Those were words of concern of his wife, for others.

That incident shook something inside me; it reminded me of a letter I had read when I was in sixth grade. I had kept that letter meticulously after reading. I had followed each of the instruction mentioned in that letter. One thing I missed was sharing that message with others. The incident reminded me of that letter and motivated me to share it, A Letter from the God.

A letter from the God

To: You
Date: Today
Subject: Life and You

Today I, the creator of this world, want to write few words to you. Read carefully. I’m going to show you the way to find the solution of each of your question. I’m not going to come to you directly. You just need to remember following topics and try to follow them.

1)  If you come up with any kind of problem in your life that you cannot solve, don’t worry. Write down that problem on a piece of paper and put it in your prayer box. Do not forget to write “for God” on that paper. Once you have forwarded your problem to me, do not ever try to check that paper. I’ll surely solve your problem. But yes, on my time, not yours. Just have faith in me.

2)    If you get stuck in business, don’t be afraid. Think about the people who don’t even have a job.

3)    Don’t be impatience if you get stuck in traffic, just think of the people for whom car driving is just a fairy tale.

4)     If your boss becomes angry on you, just think of people, who are jobless.

5)     If you cannot enjoy on one Sunday or holiday then don’t be disappointed, just think of the people who don’t have any holiday on their calendar, who works hard every day to feed their family at night.

6)   Sometimes if you don’t have a vehicle and you are forced to walk then don’t feel contrite, just think of the people who are suffering from paralysis and walking even a single step is like winning the whole world for them.

7)  “what life has given you” if this thought strikes you someday, just think of the people who couldn’t reach your age and dies at an early age.

8)     If someone chastises you, behaves impertinently than be happy by thinking that you are not that person!

9)   If you find white hair someday then don’t panic, just think of children who are   suffering from cancer, who cannot even hope to have hairs.

10)   If you get sometimes injured, just think of the people, who are destined to suffer    from illness.

And last…

I will surely solve your problems, have faith in me, in your God. Until that, if you liked my letter, send to your friends, family, and relatives and make their lives simpler.

Your benefactor,
The God.

Friday, 1 July 2016

You are the gist of my life

        The wounds you gave me, they still hurt,
        but I choose not to cry now.

        The hole you left in my heart cause pains,
        but I choose not to feel it anymore now.

        The eyes you used to watch in, still cries
        but I choose not to show it out now.

        The lips which used to lock with yours, now dries,
        but I choose not to share love now.

        The messages we shared, I still read,
        but I choose to destroy them all.

        The way you used to look at me, still flashes,
        but I choose not to miss you now.

        The first picture we took together, I still see,
        but I choose to tear it now.

        The track where we used to walk, I still remember,
        but I choose to eschew walking out that way now.

        The memories we built are still strong,
        but I choose to fade it out now.

        I choose to do all these things every day,
        but every time I fail when I try,

        because I know, one day, you will realize,
        how much I cared for you, how much I loved you,

        On that day, I will have you, again,
        maybe that day will take a long time to come,

        but I had promised to give you myself,
        each minute of my life is for you,

        I’m gonna miss you, but I’ll wait for you,
         because it’s still beating for you.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Without You...

At every moment I questioned myself
Why me? Why me? Why me?
Then an inner voice popped out
Because my friend you deserve to be
See how my own voice treats me
Without you!!!

The moment you left me alone
Tears have become my best friend
Always rests with me
Like you used to be
Life has become dolorous
Without you!!!

Now only one wish to be fulfilled
Want a person to end this pain
Want a person to decapitate me
Because there’s no life for me
Without you!!!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

It's still beating for you...

I miss those days we lived together
I miss those hours we talked together
I miss those minutes we laughed together
I miss those seconds we build memories together
I miss those moments, in which we lived life together
Even after not a single call in last four years,
My heart still misses you, to live rest of the life together.

P.S. : This image doesn't belong to me.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

And it happened...

             She looked up to say something. 
            “You…,” she was holding tears back, couldn’t say further,
             She forgot where we were,
             She cut the distance between us,
             Sun was shining, and sky was smiling
             Just like her,
             She came closer and closer,
             Until I could sense heavily pumping heart of her,
             She wrapped hands around my neck,
             I held her from waist,
             And it happened,
             We kissed.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sorry is just not enough…

                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t heal the wounds in the heart,
                   you actually need to treat her best to heal it.
                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t erase the hurt,
                   you actually need to be there with her to console.
                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t stop the tears,
                   you actually need to be there to wipe it.
                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t delete painful memories,
                   you need to create more beautiful memories just to weaken the painful.
                   Saying “sorry” doesn’t restore promises that are constantly broken.
                   You actually need to win her trust on you.
                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t mean anything anymore,
                   if you keep doing what you are always saying sorry for,
                   you actually need to change. And if you don’t change,
                   saying “sorry” won’t change anything around you anymore.
                   We had done countless mistakes, wrong choices, wrong decisions
                   but this is what life is all about, making mistakes and learning lessons from it.
                   Choices are not wrong, we just fail to justify it,
                   decisions are not wrong, we just fail to stand with it.
                   We can’t unring the bell, we need to be sorry for what wrong we had done,
                   we need to learn a lesson from what mistakes we had done,
                   we need to change ourselves, for better.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

She is a God’s gift to me!

Answering simplest question is most difficult sometimes, or I should say many times when it’s about life. When it comes to life, most of us fails to explain, and she had said, “I’ll explain.” She was my love, my life, she is, and always she will be. Allow me to ask you a simple question. Have you ever thought about death? We all have a busy schedule in this fast life but go ahead and give a chance to this question, take a moment and really think about it. It’s hard to imagine may be, but picture yourself in the hospital, laying on the nursing bed covered with a white sheet, relatives are around you, but you search for only one face, which matters the most, your love, whom you are used to calling your life. When you can’t catch a glance of that face in the room full of people, you drop the hope of living because your life is not with you. The person you love most is not with you. Just picture yourself in this kind situation, knowing that you have a few more days to live now, just see, just imagine that feeling.

Most of the times, we can’t describe it. How can we? Being unable to describe shows how vulnerable we humans are. I would like to be seamlessly honest here, I can’t really be honest in choosing words to describe it. Death, a part of life itself, might be the biggest fear humans have. You cannot find the way to run away from it, sooner or later you will have to face it. And I was facing it every day since she left me. But life is not unfair at all. This world is not the most pleasant place might be but in this big world, at somewhere, at some place, it set up the meeting with the one person who come in your life and make it pleasant, who brighten your days, edified up your tour of life in this cold world. I found that one person, first in the Forum and then in my friend, my best friend, in Aneri. She is a God’s gift to me!
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