Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sorry is just not enough…

                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t heal the wounds in the heart,
                   you actually need to treat her best to heal it.
                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t erase the hurt,
                   you actually need to be there with her to console.
                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t stop the tears,
                   you actually need to be there to wipe it.
                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t delete painful memories,
                   you need to create more beautiful memories just to weaken the painful.
                   Saying “sorry” doesn’t restore promises that are constantly broken.
                   You actually need to win her trust on you.
                   Saying just “sorry” doesn’t mean anything anymore,
                   if you keep doing what you are always saying sorry for,
                   you actually need to change. And if you don’t change,
                   saying “sorry” won’t change anything around you anymore.
                   We had done countless mistakes, wrong choices, wrong decisions
                   but this is what life is all about, making mistakes and learning lessons from it.
                   Choices are not wrong, we just fail to justify it,
                   decisions are not wrong, we just fail to stand with it.
                   We can’t unring the bell, we need to be sorry for what wrong we had done,
                   we need to learn a lesson from what mistakes we had done,
                   we need to change ourselves, for better.


  1. A grand salute bhai... I find it best in ur works.. (y)

  2. Sorry really isn't enough, changing is the only way and sometimes that might not be enough xox ♡

    1. Changing ourselves not that easy but not so hard if one is intend to change, change for better. Sorry isn't just enough, I realized it few days back when i was saying sorry to one of my friends. That's when i promise myself that I'll change. And you are right, sometimes taht might not be enough.


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