Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Without You...

At every moment I questioned myself
Why me? Why me? Why me?
Then an inner voice popped out
Because my friend you deserve to be
See how my own voice treats me
Without you!!!

The moment you left me alone
Tears have become my best friend
Always rests with me
Like you used to be
Life has become dolorous
Without you!!!

Now only one wish to be fulfilled
Want a person to end this pain
Want a person to decapitate me
Because there’s no life for me
Without you!!!


  1. I felt this way for a long time when my best friend and I stopped talking... it's still very sad to me... xox

  2. I'm sorry my words brings back some memories to you which makes you sad. I had wrote this poem more than a year back but never published, I was too surrounded with darkness. I hope you find way to be happy even when you remember your best friend... xox

  3. Another best work of you.
    I love your poems. keep it up.


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