Saturday, 11 June 2016

And it happened...

             She looked up to say something. 
            “You…,” she was holding tears back, couldn’t say further,
             She forgot where we were,
             She cut the distance between us,
             Sun was shining, and sky was smiling
             Just like her,
             She came closer and closer,
             Until I could sense heavily pumping heart of her,
             She wrapped hands around my neck,
             I held her from waist,
             And it happened,
             We kissed.


  1. I remember kisses like this, my heart racing, then finally embracing with a kiss... beautifully written xox ♡

    1. I tried to follow your blog on Bloglovin, I keep getting an error. You will have to leave a comment on my blog when you write a new blog, otherwise I won't know... I hope that gets fixed soon xox

    2. Hi Launna, I'm glad you liked my blog.

    3. Because of busy schedule, i hadn't updated Bloglovin. I just updated today, you can try now to follow. thank you for reminding me that i need to take care of Bloglovin too.

    4. No worries, it still won't let me follow you, I will try it again later, it just might need to update... have a great week xox


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