Tuesday, 14 June 2016

It's still beating for you...

I miss those days we lived together
I miss those hours we talked together
I miss those minutes we laughed together
I miss those seconds we build memories together
I miss those moments, in which we lived life together
Even after not a single call in last four years,
My heart still misses you, to live rest of the life together.

P.S. : This image doesn't belong to me.


  1. This reminds me so much of the love of my life... I spent the best Christmas of my life in 2011 ... then we became the best of friends... until nearly 4 years ago when stopped talking and my heart was and is totally broken...xox

    1. Sometimes we love to live in past, it feels good. it's amazing but it's not thing we should do often. We need to move on with life. I used to write when my past gets heavy over me. I hope you get passed your heartbreak soon.

  2. Painful indeed, but one has to move on.


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