Friday, 1 July 2016

You are the gist of my life

        The wounds you gave me, they still hurt,
        but I choose not to cry now.

        The hole you left in my heart cause pains,
        but I choose not to feel it anymore now.

        The eyes you used to watch in, still cries
        but I choose not to show it out now.

        The lips which used to lock with yours, now dries,
        but I choose not to share love now.

        The messages we shared, I still read,
        but I choose to destroy them all.

        The way you used to look at me, still flashes,
        but I choose not to miss you now.

        The first picture we took together, I still see,
        but I choose to tear it now.

        The track where we used to walk, I still remember,
        but I choose to eschew walking out that way now.

        The memories we built are still strong,
        but I choose to fade it out now.

        I choose to do all these things every day,
        but every time I fail when I try,

        because I know, one day, you will realize,
        how much I cared for you, how much I loved you,

        On that day, I will have you, again,
        maybe that day will take a long time to come,

        but I had promised to give you myself,
        each minute of my life is for you,

        I’m gonna miss you, but I’ll wait for you,
         because it’s still beating for you.


  1. My heart still beats for him... but there will be no reunion... at least not here on Earth... very thought provoking writing xox

  2. The pain of separation is unbearable. But you are consciously making a choice - a choice to liberate yourself from pain. And that is all that is needed at this point.

  3. Nice... Hope you get light at the end of the tunnel.


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