Sunday, 21 December 2014

The journey, which I can't forget!!!

It was most memorable journey of my life in the morning train named Gujarat Queen. Firstly, it gave me idea for writing this story, after my three blogs. Secondly, it is not every time you sit in a compartment and a young, pretty girl walks in and seats next to you. To be honest, it was first time to be happened with me.

Yes, you see in movies, you hear about it from your friend’s friend but it never happens to you. In most cases, I shared my compartment with talkative aunties, old men who always talk devotional but this morning was different and awesome.

It was 9th September 2014; train arrived at platform on 05:45 AM. People rushed towards the train. Utkarsh (my roomie) and I kept quite and aside from that rush because we were having confirmed seat. Finally, we got in and our seat no. were 102 & 98. There was already one uncle seated on 102 so we thought not to disturb him. Utkarsh (utk) seat on 101 and I seat very next to him on 100.

 As I took, sigh of relief, from what my eyes flip through. One pretty girl, damn pretty, most beautiful than my last girlfriend. She was stepping forward towards me. Suitcase’s handle was gripped in one hand. I wished there would be my hand. Moreover, by other hand, she was adjusting (actually playing with) her hair, forwarded a lock of hair from backside. She was wearing a glittering silver earring. Her beautiful face, and in that pink, off shoulder top and jeans, Katrina also seems dry in front of her perfectness. She was charismatic. I wanted to stare at her from top to bottom, very slowly (which I actually did). Suddenly some words collided to my ears.

“Hello… 100 is my seat,” beautiful voice directly projected in my ears. She repeated it. I came out from all thoughts and one shiver passed from my body.

“Oh yes, of course…,” I said and stood up.

Now we had had two options first, to seat at 98, 99 with one fat aunty or second, to seat at 102,101 with a pretty girl. I got second best. I requested uncle to go for 98 as we three friends wanted to seat together. Yes, I included her too. She was like surprised. “Can you please put this bag there?” she pointed empty space on rack with cutest smile. “…with that smile she could convince Hitler also,” I thought.

For next half an hour I watched movie and then started chatting, she was also making glance on chat covertly. I was trying to type securely and it might look normal from outside.

“Is c dditian?” utk’s msg.

“I dnt knw,”

“Is c junior?”

 “Hw c’d I knw, c is damn pretty tht wt I knw,”

 “c is reading ur chat,”

“I knw,” I replied and made one glance to her, she was smiling unconditionally. Train stopped at Bharuch. I covertly show her, she was typing,” @ Bharuch.”

“So…which station this is?” she broke the silence. I answered but I was wondering why she asked if she knew it?

Bharuch kea shing, kadak Dana wali bharuch ka shing,” my empty stomach heard it and remind brain of its existence and I bought one packet. I offered it to utk, I wondered if I could offered her too. Yes, I wanted to talk with her (who will not) but I did not want to start from my side.

“Don’t you want to offer that to your this friend?” she asked girlishly. “Oh of course… why not…” I replied impatiently and changed angle of my hand 180°. “So… what is your name?” she grinned (that smile always digress me that’s why my score was not good in HEAT POWER). “Gautam Navapara,” I replied. I did not know if she heard or not because of noise of another passing train on another track. Some more worthy, unworthy, stupid questions take place like about college, bf-gf, study and etc. we were talking as if we were friend by years.

Meanwhile there was a moment, which looks like SRK’s movie, she was going to tie her hair and suddenly nailed her hand from wrist. My heartbeat was little faster that time I did not know how I managed and whispered, “don’t tie such beautiful hair, let them flew with wind,” I smiled. I was waiting sedately for the reaction of it. She changed her mind and smiled. (Uff! I like the way she smile)

Another girl right in front of us also wanted to join our conversation but damn! She seated with her parents. Utk took out mobile and started camera to capture video of that another girl covertly. I grabbed her mobile and put it on backside of utk’s mobile. “Don’t you guys have manner,” she perked. “He was going to capture video of her in front of her parents and flashlight was on,” I whispered.

“How crazy you boys are,” she laughed.

“It’s Anand,” I said. As train stopped at Anand.

“Oh thanks for remind it. I was totally forgotten,” she said as she stood up.

“Anytime,” I acknowledged.

“It’ll helpful for me if you take down my bag from rack,” she said possessively. How could anyone refuse that much pretty girl whose smile can cure the entire wound in the world? She was leaving and I was feeling little bitterness.

Suddenly Utk shouted, “Her name?” “Oh shit! I forgot to ask her holy name,” I shouted back. Whole compartment was staring at us. I did not know with how much higher voice we had shouted.

At window, I straight my glance, she was going, her long, untied hair that fell upon her eyes with a gust of wind. “Hello…miss…,” I shouted. She twisted neck to find who is calling and many other girls did it too. I gestured her to come at window.

“Your name?” I curiously asked.

“Richa,” she delighted.

“Surname,” I shouted impatiently.

“Patel…” she smiled again.

Now train was started for departure. The train was leaving and she was too. Her face was not in front of me anymore. And Utk whispered “her mobile number?” damn! I rushed to door and looked outside; she was far away, but still beam of light striking my eyes, which were reflecting from her body. I wanted to jump on platform just for her, just to see her again but at very next second my mind told me, “this is not a movie and you are not SRK.” My heart and mind were fighting and I realize I was away from platform now.

Then, whole day I searched her on all social sites and I’m still searching her. I don’t know when I will find but still hope is alive and I’m searching for her…

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  1. Ha ha. I too traveled in Queen many times but never had an opportunity like yours. :-P


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