Thursday, 18 September 2014

Like...??? Love...???

Honestly, I did not want to write this; I mean about love. I don't know which fundamental rule of life is working behind it, but whenever you want to stay away from anything, those things always draws you towards it. Actually on one beautiful night, my roomy asked me that what Love is. Is love the luck of the draw? Are some of us just luckier than others? Or is it something lacking in me? Well, no one can define love, and I am also unable to explain this word. But I can definitely say what love is not. Yes, love is not always about liking someone.

“I love my shirt,” “I love my bag,” “I love my cell,” “I love my dog” these are the some of the sentences that we heard from people around us. But looking at another side, even in our society they don’t allow us to keep pets like dogs and cats. People say that the love for these things or pets is actually “like” for these extra attracting things. Beyond this, I thought and asked myself, is it only like?

No, I believe, it is more than like, so is it love? Sometimes we want to wear old roughed shirt/pant rather than new bright ones. Yes, all of us like to wear new Denim clothes, then why we want to wear these old ones? Sometimes we store our old things securely more than money with which your memories are connected, memories of loved one, with whom you learned to laugh in every moment of life, with whom you learned to love, with whom you learned to live every moment of life. When you fall in love with someone, and if you crossed the boundary of liking then, you would be in love with all small things of that person. Everything, that might be bag, shirt or else. You always want to do something different for that person.

People fall in love at first sight. Is it possible to fall in love with the person whom you have seen only single time? Is it possible to fall in love with someone with whom you have never talked, and even you don’t know anything about that person?

My simple answer is a big no. It’s not possible at the range of thinking of my mind and heart. People who fall in love at first sight are the people who show their passion for love and his/her partners, but they are also one of them who forms the high divorce rates.

Love is not always about feelings. It is sometimes a choice. There are also people who fall in love after the stage of attraction or liking (which might be a choice) and says that they feel for each other. They give gift and date each other. But there will be a time when they don't feel it. There might be many couples who have many arguments; they don’t feel loving, but still, they fulfill their partner’s wishes ahead of their own. It's all because of mutual understanding beyond that feelings and liking. Yes, love is sometimes a mutual understanding; love is sometimes like but not vice versa.

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