Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What Happiness Is Not???

I would love to be happier; I’m sure most of the people would. So, I thought it would be interesting to find out the answer to “what is happiness?” I always had this obscure idea in my mind that Happiness is a moment. In science, to find out precise result we do some practical experiments to get results. And I do same to search out the real meaning of Happiness.

The philosophy that I have heard in life is “if I make lots of friends, work hard enough, always laugh, travel and make more money…then I will be the Happy person.” This is what I have heard from people I met.

To be definite, I started thinking about happiness (When one of the friends pulled me out from darkness). I asked myself, what is Happiness? Is it laughing? Is it finding a meaning of life? Is it excitement? If I’m in college then is it to make GF/BF? You know it is important, but you can’t put your finger on how to get it or what it even is. Finally, I got my answer. Happiness is not a moment, but Happiness is in the moment.

Let us say if we are trying to make one side of rubic's cube and we are done with it. It is not that one side is worthless; it is just that there is more to the puzzle. Happiness is not the big smiles; it is just the little things. Therefore, feeling happy and being happy are also two hugely different things.

“Why I am not happy?” if you ask that question to yourself then you may get so many answers. Is your answer expectation? Happiness is the well-lived life that brings satisfaction. “Happiness = Reality – expectation.”  If your expectation is gained or it is none, then expectation will become a reality and it will turn to Happiness.

Actually, if I was happy for 24/7 that might not be very well. The moments of sadness in life are tough, but sometimes they make the moments of Happiness that much better. That’s why sometimes we say (I would like to say in Hindi) “ये तो  ख़ुशी  के आँसू है.” Happiness is not a phase in life you can reach. Happiness is in the moment. And where it is not there, that doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong. It just means you are a human.

And finally, Happiness is not your outward mood; it’s your quiet disposition. Happiness is not the found food the ant eats; it is the stored food the ant eats. Happiness is not the things people say about you to your face; it is the kind things people say about you when you are not there. Happiness is not what you get directly; it is your effort to claim your aim. Happiness is the moment before you need more Happiness.

You don’t need to feel Happy to be Happy,

You don’t need to be Happy to feel Happy.

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